Q – How do you normally engage with businesses?

A – We use a variety of models that include: ‘fixed-price-per-person’ workshops, lump-sum retainers for protracted ad hoc services (eg review panels, mentoring etc.) and also day-rate options for intensive project-based activities. Hybrid models can also be adopted if required.


Q – Do you bring your own team?

A – Normally the teams are built from client resources plus any contract specialists that are needed. We have established a network of expert associates that can form part of the team as and when appropriate (subject to availability).


Q – Can you provide guidance to individuals and small businesses – does it scale?

A – Yes, we have been active in the mentoring space for many years and this is something that we are expanding for both individuals and start-ups.


Q – Do you run workshops?

A – Yes, this is something that we will be developing further as demand grows. Workshops can be educational (based on our innovation framework) or more focused eg. Risk Workshop facilitation for a specific project or program.


Q – How does your framework mesh with existing business processes?

A – Easily. The emphasis is to keep what already works and simply incorporate parts of the framework that bring additional value.


Q – Are you associated with any Professional Accreditation bodies?

A – Yes, team members are accredited with the Institute of Management Consultants, Engineers Australia, the Project Management Institute, the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (as appropriate).


Q – Are you compliant with the guidelines provided in BS EN 16114 Management Consultancy Services?

A – Yes.


Q – Do you have insurance?

A – Yes,  Sigma Rose Pty Ltd has full PL, PI and Workers Comp insurance cover.


Q – Where do you work?

A – We’re based in Sydney and work at a combination of client sites, our own office and occasionally in remote locations as dictated by the assignments.

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