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Sigma Rose Pty Ltd is an Australian management and advisory services firm specialising in complex engineering and technological innovation programs.

“Innovation is not invention. Innovation is any change that adds value. At innovation’s heart lies the integration of people, things, and ideas.” – Trevor Lindars

We help medium-sized organisations and IPO startups manage the complexity and risk associated with the development, deployment, and commercialisation of high-tech solutions in the aerospace, defence, maritime, oil & gas, and manufacturing sectors.

Learning from more than 25 years of experience, creating system-level products for harsh or complex operational environments, we see three recurring challenges to the effective delivery of sustainable innovation:

  • Disconnect — resulting in reduced ROI and missed opportunities
  • Complexity — compromising the effective translation of ideas into action
  • Uncertainty — resulting in delays, overspend or worse

Our approach is not industry-specific and combines consulting with hands-on program/product management, system design, and change management.

Becoming an integrated part of your leadership team we act as challenger, champion, and mentor — helping you connect the dots, focus execution and empower the enterprise. Specifically, we bring a proven and adaptable framework, leadership horsepower, and an objective, value-driven mindset.

21262971_mlIt is widely reported that more than 50% of projects, programs, and change initiatives fail to deliver on their intent [Standish, McKinsey, Prosci et al].

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