We provide management and advisory services specialising in technically or logistically challenging innovation projects. Depending on the nature of the engagement, these services can span a range of options from independent advice through ‘hands-on’ execution and, ultimately, to final delivery or a managed hand-over ‘in-flight’. Post hand-over mentoring and/or independent review support can also be provided. 

Our services fall into three broad camps. The first deals with Fast Access Consulting giving you immediate access to support. The second deals with end-2-end programs (or parts thereof). The third deals with smaller capsules of support that might be delivered intermittently over a protracted period. Each of these draws upon our proprietary RTM Innovation Framework as this is broadly applicable across a variety of situations.

QuickStart Consulting

11797609_mlThis option is designed to provide you with quick, easy and effective access to expert advice with the minimum of fuss.

It is great for getting fast help with unblocking projects, developing strategy, aligning initiatives, reducing risk and getting focus. It can also help you prepare for critical reviews, presentations, board meetings and more.

  • Option 1 – one hour phone-based consulting with unlimited email access for five business days
  • Option 2 – one hour phone-based consulting with unlimited access for one month
  • Option 3 – one hour phone-based consulting with unlimited access for one month (incl. two hours face-2-face)

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Driving Innovation

27272011_mlThis option encapsulates our core business and provides you with full support at any point within the full cradle-to-grave development and operations lifecycle.

Broadly, this option combines innovation consulting with program/project delivery and integrated change management. 

  • Orientate – establish the context, drivers, accountabilities and develop a shared clarity of purpose
  • Envision – help articulate your vision in context and begin to understand the gap
  • Reframe – systems engineering, concept evolution and implementation strategy
  • Establish – mobilise a nascent program, deliver quick-wins and gain momentum
  • Deliver – progressive elaboration delivering products and phased capabilities
  • Evolve – integrated change management to support initial take-up and ensure the realisation of benefits
  • Sustain – workshops, mentoring and review panel support to help you sustain the wins

…blended or used alone, in part or in full…

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Helping You Succeed

18386866_mlThis option represents a grab-bag of ad-hoc services that can be utilised to support specific short-term goals or to service intermittent needs for objective expert opinion and support.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive and serves as a jumping-off point for specific tailoring. 

  • Bid Support – systems engineering, project management and content development
  • Health-check – assess your project/program health and formulate a strategy for improvement
  • Recovery – realign stakeholders, kick-off recovery and build critical momentum with quick wins
  • Management – lead a project or program to completion or a managed handover ‘in-flight’
  • Review – risk, project, program and systems engineering support to review panels
  • Workshops – small group workshops targeting each of the domains from the 7-step framework or more project-specific activities eg Risk Workshop facilitation
  • Mentoring – expert support tailored for teams and individuals

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Typical Engagement Models

28864087_mlDepending on the nature of the assignment, it is anticipated that much of the work would take place at your site(s). Additionally, we can operate from our own office or combine both options if this provides some advantage.

To help you better understand how an engagement might take shape, please see a typical outline below:

  • Diagnostics & Strategy:                     1-6 weeks
  • Planning & Mobilisation:                  2-3 months
  • Interim Management:                        3-6 months
  • Mentoring & Review Panels:          6-12 months
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