Helping You Succeed

A grab-bag of ad-hoc services that can be utilised to support specific short-term goals or to service intermittent needs for objective expert opinion and support.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive and serves as a jumping-off point for specific tailoring.


Healthcheck - PRINCE2We can assess your project or program health against a variety of metrics and formulate a strategy for improvement using a combination of workshops, questionnaires and collaborative, solution-focused systems thinking. Typically, an evolutionary and learning-oriented pathway is appropriate.

Recovery Mobilisation

271483_mlWe can build on the health-check outcome and initiate execution. This will include detailed planning, budgeting and potentially recruitment of temporary staff or outsourced services.

Short-term milestones and metrics will be identified and stakeholder alignment secured using integrated change management techniques.

Mobilisation will focus on team-building, embedding appropriate governance tools and establishing momentum by targeting short-term high-leverage objectives.

Leadership & Management (Interim)

22783955_mlWe can join a program or project at any point to help lead it to completion or a managed handover ‘in-flight’. Also, we can provide guidance for sustainable implementation of tools and techniques during the handover phase.

An open, learning-oriented environment will be encouraged and will utilise visual management tools.

Additionally we can remain involved, after the initial engagement, to provide independent review and/or mentoring services.

Bid Support

20679880_mlWe can support your proposals process by acting as the delivery program, project and/or systems engineering manager. With this model, ideation and solution down-select would emerge iteratively together with the overall delivery plan to converge on a compliant implementation that can be adequately costed and resourced.

Alternatively, we can simply provide additional horse-power to your proposal team by creating content that integrates business and technology win-themes in customer-friendly and highly visual language.

Review Support

22795431_mlWe can provide independent and objective review related to risk, project, program and systems engineering matters. This can take place either remotely or as an active participant within your existing review panels. Our independent viewpoint allows us to ask  difficult questions and our diverse background brings a new and valuable perspective.


29069699_mlWe can provide small group workshops targeting critical tools and techniques from each of the domains from the RTM Innovation Framework.

Workshops can be delivered individually to address specific learning requirements or as an extended program covering the full innovation life-cycle.

Alternatively, we can provide independent workshop facilitation to address project-specific issues eg. Risk Identification Assessment, HAZID etc


25944867_mlMentoring can be provided for both teams and individuals to help embed the tools and techniques that underpin the RTM Innovation Framework.

Mentoring can also be provided to address a range of general management, leadership and innovation topics individually tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Typically the delivery method would consist of a mixture of face-2-face meetings interspersed with teleconference or video-conference based interaction.