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Pressure Test System Operational
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RTM Innovation Framework

Sigma Rose makes extensive use of our proprietary RTM Innovation Framework to you deliver results that matter. It is fully adaptable and will leverage your existing business systems where that makes sense.

RTM Innovation FrameworkAlthough discussed linearly, this framework is inherently iterative both as a whole and within each of the key focus areas outlined below. We recognise that your journey will normally require a learning and adaptive approach. Whilst this is central to our execution model, we believe it is equally important to have both a destination and a map to guide us. This framework is our map.


Using a combination of interviewOrientates with key stakeholders and facilitated group workshops we will help you develop a shared clarity of purpose through an examination of your context, drivers, accountabilities and goals.


EnvisionUsing a combination of interviews with key stakeholders and facilitated group workshops we will help you articulate your vision and understand the critical gaps based on your current position. Our independent viewpoint allows us to ask  difficult questions and our diverse background brings a new and valuable perspective. 

Exploiting a combination of solution-focused systems thinking and well-established program and project definition strategies we will work with you to formulate an outline strategy. Whilst this emergent strategy will strive to consider what is desirable within the constraints of what is both feasible and viable, it is primarily a divergent phase of ideation and will focus on capturing the need and a potentially idealised notion of how that need might best be satisfied.

We will manage this process of coordinating contributions from your internal team(s) and (if necessary) 3rd-party specialists as a project; utilising several of the tools and techniques that will flow into the following stages.


ReframeUsing a combination of interviews with key stakeholders and facilitated group workshops we will help you elaborate your product requirements, concepts and implementation strategy. This step is where we will converge on a shared understanding of what will be possible, what resources will be required and what the time-line will look like.

Exploiting a combination of proven systems engineering principles and well-established program and project definition strategies, we will work with you to flesh out the concepts and formulate a detailed plan (with more detail in the earlier stages and an intent to work towards progressive elaboration during execution).

A high premium will be placed on the early mitigation of risk (incl. architectural decisions, technology choices, make/buy options and end-user behaviours). Typically, an evolutionary and learning-oriented pathway will be appropriate.


EstablishThis phase will focus on establishing the infrastructure, systems and resources required for  to realise the plan and will likely include recruitment of temporary staff and establishment of contracts for outsourced services. The primary aim is to mobilise a nascent program/project, deliver quick-wins and gain momentum. 

Short-term milestones and metrics will be identified and stakeholder alignment secured using integrated change management techniques. Mobilisation will focus on team-building, establishing clear accountabilities, embedding appropriately tailored governance tools and establishing momentum by targeting short-term high-leverage objectives.

As with most successful change programs,  there will be a necessary emphasis on securing and facilitating proactive and visible executive sponsorship. This is especially critical in the early stages and we will help you make it effective.


DeliverBuilding upon a solid platform established in earlier phases we can continue to drive the  program through the various stages needed to develop, verify, validate, and deploy the product, system or service. This could include: R&D, design, development, systems integration, commissioning, transition to manufacture, operational trials, delivery and support (or any part thereof).

The adoption of concurrent engineering techniques (eg DFMA and ILS) will ensure that the transition to manufacture and operational support will be properly addressed. Additionally, a premium will be placed on end-user engagement and behavioural feedback to drive feature prioritisation.

The normal mode of engagement would be to arrange for a managed hand-over ‘in-flight’ once the team, processes and scope has stabilised and the internal capability is able to take over. For some projects it may be considered appropriate for us to stay the course and see it out to completion.

An open, learning-oriented environment that utilises visual management tools will be adopted.


EvolveA key consideration for change initiatives is the sustainable realisation of the benefits enabled by the new or modified capabilities delivered in each phase (tranche). By integrating change management techniques early in the program we will create a strong foundation for this phase.

Accountability for embedding change within business units must rest with them to be effective. However,  there is a crucial role bridging the ‘capability delivery’ and ‘benefit realisation’ domains and this is where our independent support can continue to add value. We can also provide guidance for sustainable implementation of tools and techniques during the handover phase.

We can join a program or change initiative at any point to help lead it to completion or a managed handover ‘in-flight’. Additionally we can remain involved, after the initial engagement, to provide independent review and/or mentoring services.


SustainAfter disengagement we can continue to provide support on an ‘as-needed’ basis by providing workshops, mentoring and review panel support to help you sustain the wins and make them part of your DNA.