About Us

Sigma Rose Pty Ltd is an Australian management and advisory services firm specialising in complex engineering & technological innovation programs.

We help medium-sized organisations and IPO startups manage complexity and reduce the risk associated with the development, integration, deployment and commercialisation of high-tech solutions in the oil & gas, manufacturing, aerospace and defence sectors.

And, to paraphrase Frank Sinatra, “If we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere.”

What we do is not industry-specific and has broad application wherever innovation is being taken seriously. We excel at driving the transition from ‘ideas on a whiteboard’ to a product, system or service that is desirable, feasible and viable.

Our approach uses a blend of energetic leadership, systems thinking, integrated change management and just the right amount of governance to underpin a responsive and inclusive strategy that simply gets you where you want to be. Helping you turn insights into actions and impact at the intersection of technology and the imagination.

Our mission is:

To make it easier for people to turn great ideas into great experiences.

The values that underpin this mission and our approach are:

  • Passion – energy and a positive outlook
  • Integrity – be open, honest and deliver on promises
  • Shoshin – dump preconceptions, seek alternatives and seize opportunities
  • Innovation – borrow, create, learn and adapt
  • Quality – add value or do something else
  • Growth – keep learning and sharing
  • Harmony – maintain a balanced perspective

We place great emphasis on creating an open and collaborative environment with a focus on building upon what already works and supplementing this with the most appropriate parts of broad-based industry best practice tempered by experience. The services that we provide range from purely diagnostic/advisory, through mobilisation and into full-blown execution that can be supported to final delivery or to a managed hand-over ‘in-flight’.

What makes us different

We have worked with start-ups, SMEs and corporates serving both the public and private sectors. We have extensive experience on both sides of the value-creation / value-delivery fence with more than 25 years of experience leading projects, programs, operations, engineering and technology-driven change. This breadth of perspectives underpins a proven capability to deliver against challenging targets in a variety of high-profile situations.

Leveraging a blended application of consulting, systems design, product management, program leadership, change management and coaching/mentoring skills provides us with a unique platform for your success.

This, combined with many years of experience adapting leading practice to fit within highly dynamic, innovative and resource-constrained environments, ensures that we can respond with both a strategy and an execution based on a framework that really works.

The key focus areas common to all engagements are:

  • Open collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Simple tools and lean processes that balance agility and governance
  • Broad communication for a “no-surprises” execution
  • Hands-on participative and inclusive leadership
  • Systems thinking and integrated change management
  • Proactive management of risk
  • Mentoring and lessons learned review for effective handover